SSDM offer overseas Clients a wide range of Technical and Analytical turf-related support services.

Our services to International Clients primarily focus on providing analysis of turf and material samples which is carried out within the SSDM Turf Lab and Turf Clinic.

The SSDM Turf Lab is a fully accredited Transitional Facility that is permitted by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to accept samples from overseas Clients

The SSDM Turf Lab accrediation number is: 25394.

Please click this link to view our MPI accreditation permit


Detailed lab analyses are available for the following materials:

  1. Rootzone/topdressing sands
  2. Recycled glass sands
  3. Bunker sands
  4. Blinding sands
  5. Gravel
  6. Topsoils
  7. Cricket clays
  8. Organic and inorganic materials (lime, compost, zeolite, etc)

Analysis includes:

  1. Particle size distribution
  2. Soil texture
  3. Saturated hydraulic conductivity
  4. Moisture release characteristics
  5. Calcium carbonate content
  6. Organic matter content
  7. pH and soil nutrient analysis


The SSDM Turf Clinic operates as a New Zealand based, independent turfgrass pest and disease analysis centre. We provide Clients with timely, accurate and site specific reports that provide a clear diagnosis and appropriate (easy to action) set of recommendations. As an ecologically responsible Consultancy, all our reports provide the Client with a set of cultural and chemical recommendations. 


Services include:

  • In-the-field identification and recommendations
  • Microscope analysis, report and recommendations
  • Controlled grow-out of present pathogen(s)
  • DNA analysis of pathogens (through our association with Auckland University and Agreserach)
  • Nematode assays (in association with Agresearch)
  • Soil microbiology analysis (in association with The New Zealand Soil Foodweb Institute)


Both these fully independent services are available to our international Clients.



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