Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a proactive approach to turfgrass disease and pest management. It involves the regular monitoring of disease and pest populations through a combination of plant tissue and root analysis combined with field observations and record keeping.

The primary reason for an IPM approach is to ensure that any adverse effects of turf disease and pest infestation are minimised and controlled. IPM is preventative rather than purely curative, with the objective of establishing and maintaining records of acceptable turf damage thresholds in order that unmanaged infestation does not occur.  

With increasing costs of chemicals and a greater emphasis on managing turf in a more environmentally responsible manner, IPM offers a sustainable approach that aims to promote best practice and best management of resources.

Services on offer:

  • IPM monitoring for golf courses and sports fields
  • Establishment and implementation of  biological turf management programmes
  • Access to the SSDM Turf Clinic database, a regularly updated source of reference material, highlighting current pest and disease trends across the country
  • Establishment, review and implementation of targeted annual pesticide schedules for golf courses and sports fields

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