EPS Australia - Stadium flooring Research and Development

Project: EPS Australia - Stadium flooring Research and Development

Client: EPS Australia

Timeframe: 2018

SSDM were engaged by Mr Andrew Stone (Managing Director of: EPS Australia) to provide a unique and pioneering R&D project focussed upon determining the measurable effects of a wide range of temporary flooring systems for use in a natural turf stadium situation.

The project involved the deliver of 9 different samples of material from Australia, to the SSDM Turf Trial & Research Facility in Pukekohe (Auckland). At the facility a controlled environment room had been set up. The room involved the installation of a Solar UV lamp, (400- 900 nm) lighting rig and blacked out windows and doors - in order to replicate a perfectly controlled day/night environment (i.e. 12 hours light, 12 hours night).

Replicates of sand based couchgrass turf were set up and placed unedr a variety of flooring products, along with a single covered control and a single 'open' control. Over the course of 6 days per product, a range of data was collected from each replicate as a means of determining what effects the various flooring materials had upon factors such as:


  • Turfgrass colour (DGCI)
  • Stolon and turfgrass leaf rigour
  • % Mortality (during the trial)
  • Chlorophyll production (BRIX degrees)
  • Rate of recovery (post trial)

These and other key factors were measured and recorded daily. 

The results of the trial were presented along with Andrew Stone of EPS at the AGCSA 2018 Turf Conference and a report was provided to EPS with a full interpretation of the practical implications of the trials key findings. 

This trial ran over the course of 4 months and represents the first of its kind conducted within the turf sector.




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