Mt Albert Grammar School, Auckland

Mt Albert Grammar School

Project: Playing field upgrades

Client: Mt Albert Grammar School, Auckland

Timeframe: 2006 - present

SSDM has had a long association with Mt Albert Grammar School.  In 2006, a sports field condition assessment was carried out on the school’s two sand carpet playing fields in order to determine the best approach to increase their carrying capacity and drainage performance. This form of assessment determined which elements of the existing drainage system could be re-used and which elements would need to be replaced or upgraded. Following a more detailed assessment in 2009 including a CCTV inspection of the existing drainage system, a customised and cost effective upgrading programme for the two fields was proposed. Recommendations included conversion to a hard wearing warm season turfgrass and using trenchless slit drains to reconnect the surface to the underlying pipe drainage system. The work was carried out in 2010.

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