Whisper Creek Golf Course

Project: Laboratory materials analysis

Client: Christchurch Golf Resort (Kura Golf Design)

Timeframe: 2013 - ongoing

SSDM was engaged to provide Whisper Creek (formerly Christchurch Golf Resort) with a wide range of anlaysis including the testing of various on-site materials in oredr to establish their suitability for use  in the construction of the new Nick Faldo/Kristine Kerr - designed golf course in Christchurch.

The analysis included the objective testing of over 12 samples (provided by OCTA Associates)  in order to establish which materials had the highest potential for utlistaion in the construction of golf course features such as greens, tees and bunkers etc. The range of analysis performed by SSDM included:

  • Soil infiltration tests
  • Soil nutrient analysis
  • Organic matter analysis
  • Contamination tests
  • Air-filled porosity tests
  • Plugging potential of sands (with particular reference to those being selected for use in bunkers)
  • Particle size distribution analysis
  • Angle of repose
  • Particle angularity
  • Soil moisture release

SSDM provided a detailed report that summarised these criteria and provided a suitability list to the client regarding which on-site materials would be most appropriate for use, i.e. which materials conformed closest to USGA recommended guidelines. Investigations were also carried out to blend specific samples with zeolites.

The SSDM Turf Laboraroty has the ability to carry out a wide range of analysis on materials, and in conjunction with the SSDM Turf Clinic we are able to provide an holistic approach to materials analysis for such large scale projects.


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