Puketotara Estate and Vineyard

Project: Technical Advice and Consultancy

Client: John Levers - Puketotara Estate and Vineyard

Timeframe: 2011 - ongoing

In 2011 Mr John Levers (Owner and operator of the Puketotara Estate and Vineyard) engaged the services of the SSDM Turf Laboratory to carry out a site visit and analysis of topsoil materials that had been used in the construction of 6 greens on the golf course set within the grounds of his estate. The original scope of SSDM's involvement with the golf course soon widened and included the provision of a report that not only identified the issues regarding the imported topsoil, but also provided the client with recommendations for the future enhancement of the existing golf course and a proposal to extend the course to 9-holes.

Over the next 2 years SSDM worked with the client and  a number of sub contractors to establish a basic layout/design for the enhanced golf course, this culminated in SSDM being engaged as the on-site designers of the new holes, working alongisde the construction team to achieve the vision of the owner and create a unique and ecologically diverse golf course environment. Due to the owners desire for the course to be of  low-impact and cause minimal disruption to the local environment, SSDM recommended the utilisation of on-site topsoil for the construction of the new greens and tees, as well as the sensitive clearing and selective removal of degenerate bush and 'feature' trees. The design incorporated new habitats and protected existing ones, with the signiture hole running alongside the banks of the stunning Puketotara River, framed by Totara and Rimu.

SSDM was proud to work on such a unique project and within such a stunning landscape as that of the Puketotara Estate in the beautiful far North of New Zealand.





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New 6th Hole Creating the 3rd green Creation of the new 5th hole