Clarks Beach Golf Course

Project: Technical Advice and Consultancy

Client: Clarks Beach Golf Course

Timeframe: 2011 - ongoing

For the past 2.5 years SSDM has been engaged by Clarks Beach Golf Course to develop an holistic nutrient management plan for the greens. Historically the greens had suffered from 'peaks and troughs' in terms of growth and their consistency in performance throughout the year. Working closely with Course Superintendent (Mr Stephen Galvan), SSDM have spent the past 2 years developing and reviewing a site specific nutrient management plan for the enhancement of year round greens performance. The key criteria that this plan has focussed on include:


  • A gradual decrease on annual Nitrogen inputs
  • A gradual decrease in the dominance of Poa annua
  • A gradual increase in the percentage cover of brown top bentgrass (Colonial blend and natve species)
  • A greater accuracy in the tracking of all specific major and micro nutrients being applied anually to the greens
  • The introduction of biological and microbial products to compliment increased cultural practices of thatch dilution and aeration
  • The incorporation of a preventative fungicide programme

SSDM provided the Club with a detailed spreadsheet of recommended products, rates and timings of application, as well as an accurate nutrient budget of NPK calculated for the year. In addition to this service SSDM has advised the Club on a number of key 'grassing' issues and weed control strategies for the fairways and green surrounds as well as specifying a strategy for the interseeding of browntop bentgrass in selected greens over the next 12-24 months.

The commitment to this programme from Clarks Beach is on-going and by working together on such an ambitious and longterm project SSDM and the Club are begining to see postive and sustainable results:


...." Will and SSDM have been a huge part of the success of the conversion from Poa annua greens to brown top...fungicide applications are down and greens that were previously 50-60% Poa annua are now closer to being  60-70% browntop..."

Stephen Galvan (Course Superintendent - Clarks Beach GC, 2012)


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