Whatuwhiwhi Wastewater Treatment Plant

Treatment Pond 2

Project: Baseline Vegetation Survey of Whatuwhiwhi Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: Far North District Council

Timeframe: December 2011

SSDM was engaged by The Far North District Council to carry out a baseline vegetation survey and water quality sampling of the Whatuwhiwhi waste water treatment plant in order to assess the potential eutrophication of water habitats within the site and the potential impact on the wider environment.

This baseline survey involved compiling a comprehensive list of the plant species present and detailing any trends relating to these i.e. localised dominant plant communities and the frequency and adaptation of recorded species. In addition to the baseline survey, a water quality grab sample was collected at the entry point to the receiving environment which in this case was an area of extensive Kunzea ericoides dominant marshland extending along the western perimeter of the site. The water quality sampling was collected in order to analyise and compare the presence of key microbiological markers within the discharged water against the district council consent requirements of the plant operation.

The vegetation survey provided information regarding present plant species that act as bio-indicators regarding any nutritional changes in the characteristics of their environment

Some of the other environmental services offered by SSDM include:


  • Habitat restoration and regeneration
  • Vegetation baseline surveys
  • Animal species baseline surveys
  • Environmental monitoring (including analysis of waterand natural habitats)
  • Biodiversity audits
  • Re-vegetation plans and reports
  • Site specific operational sustainability reviews


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Eutrophic Pool Area A Vegetation