Mitigation of Adverse Ecological Effects - Titahi Golf Course

Project: Mitigation of Adverse Ecological Effects - Titahi Golf Course

Client: Titahi Golf Club

Timeframe: Januray 2014 - ongoing

In November 2013 Titahi Golf Club engaged SSDM to carry out a site visit and provide a report that outlined the clubs desire to effectively mitigate against any potential adverse ecological effects associated with the proposed extension of the existing Titahi Golf Course. 

The Titahi Golf Course is situated within the Whitireia Park, Porirua, Wellington. The proposed extension of the existing course involved extending  into land that is currently managed for its unique landscape, recreational and conservational values. SSDM were commissioned to provide the club with an independent report that included consideration of the following key areas:


  • Capturing of initial baseline data - To identify existing species of flora and fauna on the site.
  • Provision of a detailed range of mitigation measures - To ensure that any adverse ecological impacts that might occur as a direct consequence of the construction and grow-in components of the project were identified, mitigated against and either minimised or eliminated.
  • Habitat development plan - To put in to place extensive measures that identified and specified the opportunities (existing and potential) to proactively enhance the ecologiacl and biodiversity value(s) of the existing landscape in-line with the extenstion of the Titahi golf course.


The report took in to consideration the existing Park Managemnt Plan as well as the Draft Whitireia Park Sustainable Land Use Plan (SLUP), referring to relevant sections of these documents throughout. In addition to these documents it was also neccessary to consider the wider implications of the proposed works in relation to the various Stakeholders of the Whitireia Park ( Ngati Toa Rangatira and Greater Wellington Regional Council, who make up the member sof the Whitireia Park Board).

The primary objective has been to support Titahi Golf Club in their recognition of the sensitivity and diverse nature of the landscape that surrounds the existing course an dthe responsibilities they have to ensure the safeguarding of this. The existing course is managed in-line with 'low impact' philosphies and as such the emphasis has been on demonstarting how these philosphies will be replicated during the proposed extension of the course.


SSDM's report identified significant opportunities to further enhance the existing ecological value of the site and increase the range of habitats and quality of the ecosystems within this area of the Park.






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