Ecological Appraisal of Manawatu Golf Course

Project: Golf Course Ecological Appraisal

Client: Manawatu Golf Club

Timeframe: 2013

SSDM were engaged by Manawatu Golf Club to carry out a full Ecological Appraisal of the golf course and identify the following key ecological factors:


  • Identification of the existing condition of all habitats across the golf course
  • Provision of a report that 'zoned' the golf coures in to various habitat types and areas
  • Provision of a data base that identified the range of key flora and fauna existing on the site and their locations
  • Provision of a report that recommended a range of opportunities for the Club to significantly enhance the ecological and biodiversity value of their site
  • A strategy geared towards the establishment and enhancement of  wider 'green corridors' connecting the golf course to surrounding green space


SSDM Ecological Appraisals and Reviews are site-sepcific and in the case of Manawatu the Club requested that the appraisal be geared towards the enhancement of existing tree habitats. The Appraisal provided the Club with a 'snapshot' of the existing ecological value of the various habitat sites throughout the property as well as providing a range of site-specific and practically driven recommendations for future enhancement.

The SSDM Ecological Appraisal for Golf Courses can be used as a stand alone document (often beneficial when applying for environmental funding) and/or as a component of a broader overall golf course strategy plan that encompasses all aspects of the golf course.


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