Sports Field Demand Strategy

Artificial turf construction

Project: Sports Field Demand Strategy

Client: Auckland Council

Timeframe: 2011

The new Auckland Council requires a region-wide sports field development strategy to meet the growing sporting needs of the population. Using projected shortfalls in field hours per week compiled by Longdill & Associates, SSDM was commissioned by Auckland Council to prepare a proposed schedule of sports field investments to cover the next 10 of sports field upgrading in the Auckland region.

The work involved carrying out an analysis of the carrying capacity of different types of sports field (soil-based, sand carpet and artificial), converting the shortfall hours of use into full field equivalents for upgrading purposes and providing generic-type sports field upgrading costs that were then used to provide a proposed schedule of investments. The work took into account the requirement to look at the implications of reducing sports field closures to half the current level.

Additional work was carried out to determine the cost benefit analysis of different types of sports field upgrading under different usage scenarios. A decision making tree to guide the field selection process was also prepared.

The cost benefit model produced is available for assessing any number of sports field upgrading scenarios.


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