Mt Albert Park No.1

Mt Albert No.1 new surface

Project: Mt Albert Park No.1 artificial hockey turf replacement

Client: Wellington City Council

Timeframe: 2009 - 2011

The No.1 artificial hockey turf at the Mt Albert Park National Hockey Stadium in Wellington was the first water-filled hockey surface to be installed in New Zealand in 1984. The original surface was first replaced in the summer of 1997/98 over the original sub-base. Twelve years later, the surface again required replacement.

SSDM was commissioned by Wellington City Council to carry out a condition assessment of the turf in 2009 in order to estimate the remaining life of the turf and start planning for surface replacement. The condition assessment included carrying out a detailed topographical survey and maintenance audit, as well as making measurements of pile height, pile depth, pile contamination, infiltration rate and condition of the seams.

SSDM then compiled technical specifications for installation of a new artificial turf surface and shockpad, which was carried out over the summer of 2010/2011. The surface renewal work required making a physical and structural assessment of the original engineered sub-base, which was still in excellent condition 26 years after the original facility was constructed.


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Mt Albert No.1 sub base Mt Albert No.1 permeability testing