Mount Wellington War Memorial Park No.3 Field Upgrade

Completed Field

Project: Mount Wellington No.3 Sports Field Upgrade

Client: Auckland Council

Timeframe: 2013

SSDM was engaged by Auckland Council to design and Project Manager the upgrade of the Number Three field at Mt. Wellington War Memorial Reserve on the edge of the Panmure Basin.

Working with HEB Landscapes, the upgrade involved the complete removal of the existing surface and the installation of a new drainage and automated irrigation system. Works commenced in early December 2012 and continued through one of the driest summers on record. The prolonged drought provided a challenge regarding the grow-in component of the Works and placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that the irrigation system was fully operational prior to stolonising.  

Due primarily to the relateively late commencement of Works it was identified that Kikuyu would be the most appropriate turfgrass species for this particular site, as there were concerns that the grow-in period would extend beyond the 'normal' active growth period of couch.

Kikuyu stolons were harvested from the adjacent reserve and immediately spread over the No.3 field. The grow-in was successful and rye grass was later inter-seeded into the rapidly established Kikuyu sward by March 2013. 

Rugby was being played on the field by mid-May 2013.


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Sand slits MWWMP3 Kikuyu after 8 weeks Kikuyu after 4 weeks