Karori Park Sports field Investigation

Karori Park, Wellington

Project: Karori Park Sports field Investigation

Client: Wellington City Council

Timeframe: September 2014

SSDM was engaged by Wellington City Council to carry out a comprehensive sports field investigation at Karori Park. The investigation involved identifying the following key factors relating to the existing condition of the Park:



  • Organic matter analysis of the top 50 mm layer
  • Contamination testing of the top 40 mm layer
  • Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of a range of installed drainage materials
  • Investigation in to existing primary and secondary drainage systems
  • General surface assessment


The overall condition of the Park had been an issue for a number of years and a significant amount of resource has been spent on gradually enhancing the drainage infrastructure of the site. SSDM's investigations were primarily focussed on identifying what the  cause of the existing 'poor' surface condition was, and providng Wellington City Council with a set of site specific recommendations based upon the capture of objective data.

The purpose of the report to Wellington City Council was to ensure that a clear identification of the primary issues influencing the existing condition of the Park was established prior to any further resource being attributed to the enhancement of the site.


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