Howick Irrigation Project(s)

Project: Howick Irrigation System Design & Upgrade

Client: Auckland Council

Timeframe: September 2014 - ongoing

SSDM was commissioned by Auckland Council-South in 2014 to provide automatic irrigation design into fourteen sand carpet sports fields and two training areas across six parks in the Howick Pakuranga area. These fields have already had slit drains and sand carpets installed and suffered during the summer months, a requirement for the project was to maintain the integrity and functionally of the slit drains as the system is installed.

Due to limited as-built information, the initial work involved working with CLC consulting to firstly identify the location of the existing primary drainage system in order to produce as built CAD files to design the irrigation system around the existing drainage.

Assessments of the existing water supplies and pressures were made to ensure adequate pressure and flow was available and liaison with the network operators (Watercare) was imperative. Finally, preparation of tender documentation was made for each park with drawings, specifications and schedules for tender.


SSDM shall oversee and provide project management of the installation of these systems in the summer of 2014/15.


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