Whenuapai and Wellington Aiports

Project: Whenuapai and Wellington Airport - Avanex Turf Management

Client: Whenuapai and Wellington Airports

Timeframe: 2015 - ongoing

As Accredited Consultants for the design, installation and establishment of 'Avanex' (high endophyte) turfgrasses, SSDM have provided Wellington Airport and Whenuapai Airport with technical consultancy services specifically geared towards the establishment and approppriate on-going management methodologies of the unique 'Avanex' turfgrass.

At Wellington airport SSDMs input has included:

  • Provision of an initial site assessment and observations
  • Provision of an interpretation and recommendations following site visit
  • Provision of a Technical Specification for the preparation of areas to be transitioned in to 'Avanex' turfgrass
  • Provision of Project Management and Contractor liaison relating to installation and maintenance
  • On-going recommendations and maintenance schedules


At Whenupai airport SSDMs input has included:

  • Provision of an initial site visit and soil analysis
  • Provision of interpretation on analysis and recommendations following site investigation
  • Provision of an annual maintenance programme for the aftercare and management of 'Avanex' areas
  • Provision of on-going recommendations for the aftercare of 'Avanex' areas


'Avanex' turfgrass is a high endophyte turfgrass species that deters insect and bird populations. As accredited consultants SSDM are qualified to offer Clients independent technical advice and quality assurances in regards to the transitioning of existing turfgrass swards into 'Avanex' turf as part of a mitigation strategy against potential bird-strike.



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